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Innovative BioSystems Inc. holds key patents for all of its novel point-of-care testing solutions. The technology employed in each product is unique and offers industry leading performance without any of the normally associated costs.




PT/INR Test Strip Technology  
MAX-mini The EZ-INR test system consists of a proprietary membrane interwoven with dried activator reagent and mounted inside a test strip base. This reagent is resonsituted when combined with whole blood and begins the clotting process. Once clotting completes, the membrane stops the flow of the fluid and provides a INR reading.  

MAX Series

Electrochemical Technology  
MAX-mini The core Electrochemical Technology employed by IBI enables the rapid and accurate measurement of many blood constitutes. Using 3 different measurement techniques (potentiometric, amphometric, and conductive) it provides rapid results generation and automatic calibration, while avoiding interference from hemolysis, lipema, and various other classically interfering substances.  

MAX Series

Test Strip Technology  
MAX-mini The test strips utilized by the MAX series of analyzers are built upon a multi anode measuring system with a common cathode. Using a proprietary membrane with "lock-in" chemistry and a two reactant electrochemical sensor, this versatile system allows multiple blood chemistry tests to be run simultaneously on the same sample.  



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